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W802 Air filter glue granule
  • W802 Air filter glue granule

W802 Air filter glue granule

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Detailed description
First, model name: W802 white rubber
Second, the use characteristics: is a high-temperature EVA hot melt rubber particles, with good fluidity and high temperature resistance, very low odor.
Third, the scope of use: mainly used for air filter with folding line glue.
Fourth, the use of temperature: recommended 140-160 ° C
Fifth, physical properties:
1. Main ingredients: EVA resin, tackifying resin, wax, antioxidant, etc.
2. Toxicity: non-toxic
3. Color: white
4. Appearance size: particles
5. Viscosity: 1000~1600mpa.s (180°C)
6. Softening point: 115~118°C
7. Opening time: 8~10(s)
Sixth, packaging: bagged, boxed.
Seven, storage conditions: ventilation, dry, cool place.
Eight, note:
1. This granule is a solid substance and is non-toxic, but it should be prevented from touching the skin after melting to avoid burns;
2. The opening time and curing time will change depending on the temperature of the melt, the ambient temperature, the amount of spray, the pressure of the bonding time, etc.;
3. Long-term high temperature (greater than 200 ° C) may cause partial degradation of the host polymer to affect the adhesion, and also cause the viscosity of the tackifying resin to affect the color of the product.