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w112 hot melt glue stick
  • w112 hot melt glue stick

w112 hot melt glue stick

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Detailed description


Model No.:



A low temperature hot melt adhesive in stick

Technical Features:

Base:   EVA Copolymer, Tackifying Resin, Wax, Oxidation Inhibitor

Color:  milky white

Form:  diameter11.1mm/7.1mm,length27mm/30mm,or as costomer needs   

Solid Content:  100%

Toxicity:   No

Softening Point (ring and ball method):   83±3

Viscosity Brookfield RVT and Termosels: 8000±500mPa.s(180)

Service Temperature:  120-140

Data are tested by

Softing point test 

--- 50-0606T Automatic asphalt softening point tester

Viscocity test  

--- SD-2001  High temperature constant temperature valley

---  Digital rotating viscometer      

Main Features:

 W112 can be used for

-electronics, furniture, crafts, toys, speakers, packaging, shoes, sealing, ceramic industry, automobiles, building materials, food and other related industries industry.

-Specialized in packing, crafts.


Carton  25kgper box


The product should be stored in a cool dry place.

Healthand Safety in Use:

-This product will soak up the moisture from the air and cannot be perceive just by appearance which may cause blister

when is applied. Keep it hermetically sealed when not use.

-This product is not considered dangerous. Precaution It may cause burns when is applied , away from skin.