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What kind of material can be glued by hot melt adhesive?

GZWW Weiwang hot melt adhesive is widely used for bonding leather, glass, metal, wood, luggage plastic, medical, textile, etc., but mainly used for packaging (corrugated cardboard and thick cardboard boxes), wireless binding of books, and woodworking stickers. Wait a minute.

1. The hot melt adhesive has a solid content of 100% and has void filling property, which prevents edge curling, air bubbles and cracking, and causes distortion, displacement and shortening of the adherend. Because there is no solvent, the moisture content of the wood has not changed, there is no risk of fire or poisoning.

2. The bonding speed is fast, the process of applying glue to complete bonding is no more than a few seconds, the saw head and the trimming can be completed in about 20-24 seconds, no drying time is needed, and it can be used for continuous, automated wood sticking. Consolidating the waterline greatly improves production efficiency and saves the overhead of the plant.

3. Wide application, suitable for bonding various materials.

4. It is possible to carry out multiple bonding, that is, hot melt adhesive coated on wood, which can be reheated for secondary bonding when it is cooled and solidified.

Hot melt adhesive for furniture is a kind of adhesive specially used for the bonding of artificial boards. It is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive. When the hot melt adhesive is heated to a certain temperature, that is, from a solid state to a molten state, when applied to the surface of the artificial board substrate or the edge sealing material, it is cooled to a solid state, and the material and the substrate are bonded together. Since the early 1980s, hot melt adhesives have entered the wood industry for edge banding, plywood cores, panel splicing, furniture splicing, etc. Early hot melt adhesive equipment relied mainly on equipment from the United States, West Germany, Italy and other countries. With the increasingly stable and mature hot melt adhesive equipment in China, the selection and use of hot melt adhesive equipment suitable for the specific conditions of various furniture factories can not only improve the quality and grade of furniture, but also improve production efficiency and reduce plate repair. The difficulty of reducing the labor intensity of workers.

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